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eCobertura by jmhofer

Eclipse Plugin for Cobertura. Java code coverage integrated into the IDE.


Simply point Eclipse to this Eclipse Update Site (requires Eclipse 3.5+):



Have fun!

How does it work?

Upon launching in covered mode, eCobertura will apply any filters defined in the launch configuration. Then it will copy all classes from the output folder into its internal plugin workspace. There, it will instrument any classes that pass the filtering using Cobertura.

Within the launch configuration classpath, the output folder will be replaced by the internal plugin workspace, so that the launch uses the instrumented classes instead of the original ones.

In short, eCobertura does not do in-place instrumentation.

Cobertura will save a "cobertura.ser" file when the launched process terminates. This file will be interpreted by eCobertura and displayed in the Coverage Session View.